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Welcome from our Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Gritton.

Thank you for taking an interest in the current vacancies we have here at the St Ralph Sherwin Catholic Multi Academy Trust (CMAT).

As CEO, I want to provide you with an introduction to our Trust and to give you a flavour of what working within our Trust would be like.

I believe that everyone who works within our Trust, in a school or central offices is in some way a teacher. Whether you are the headteacher, a classroom teacher, receptionist, cook, cleaner, caretaker, HR or Finance manager/assistant you have an impact on the lives of the children we serve. We are a family and building a community, which supports and upholds our gospel values of tolerance, respect, compassion and love are central to our success going forward.

As of 1st September 2018, we have brought together 25 schools from Derby City, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Stockport and Nottinghamshire (of which 20 are primary and 5 are secondary) to work within the Trust. There are huge benefits from working in such a large organisation; such as opportunities to grow and develop both within and outside of your own school, to learn and work alongside some of the very best practitioners and most importantly you will have a working environment where you are valued and made to feel you have an important contribution to make.

We have been given a wonderful opportunity to shape the future of Catholic education for around 8,000 young people who attend our schools across the Trust. Schools are special places where we get the chance to improve the lives of young people in a unique way, I want us to make that difference to them.

The best schools are places where we develop young minds; we must focus on growth not just in the brain but the growth of character, the development of the whole person.

I hope you are excited by this vision of what we want to achieve and if you feel you want to be part of this, I would encourage you to apply for a position within our Trust.

Kevin Gritton

Chief Executive Officer

St Ralph Sherwin Catholic Multi Academy Trust

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