How we are governed

Each of the Catholic Multi-Academy Trusts (CMATs) in the Diocese of Nottingham are single Trusts. Each is a legal entity and responsible for all of the academies within the Trust.

There are three layers to the governance and accountability structure in each CMAT: the Members, the Foundation Directors (The Board) and Local Governors in our Local Governing Bodies as illustrated in the structure chart below:

Our Members

Our Trust Board

Foundation Directors

Foundation Director NameAppointed byDate appointedTerm of Office
Jacqueline Mary Rodden (Chair)Patrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham Diocese01/09/20181
Peter Michael BarnesPatrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham Diocese01/09/20181
Victoria Anne StevensPatrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham Diocese01/09/20181
Reverend Deacon Richard WalshPatrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham Diocese10/02/20201
Charles ArcherPatrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham Diocese01/03/20211
Sarah NoonPatrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham Diocese01/09/20211
Martin O’DowdPatrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham Diocese01/01/20221

Previous Directors who served in the last 12 months and are no longer in office:

Foundation DirectorAppointed byDate AppointedResigned
Elizabeth Claire WintonPatrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham Diocese01/09/201828/05/2021
Gillian SewellPatrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham Diocese01/03/202105/11/2021
Melanie BarkerPatrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham Diocese15/11/201625/06/2020

Meeting Attendance Records

NameAttendance 2020/2021Attendance 2019/2020Attendance 2018/2019
Jacqueline Rodden26/2621/1917/17
Richard Walsh21/245/6NA
Peter Barnes21/2119/2117/17
Vickie Stevens21/2421/2117/17
Elizabeth Winton13/1413/1313/13
Charles Archer2/3NANA
Gillian Sewell0/2NANA
Melanie Barker (resigned 25/06/20)NA12/1213/13
Fr Mark Brentnall (resigned 10/09/19)NA0/13/12

The Committees of the Trust Board and Membership

The Articles of Association permit the establishing of Committees of the Trust Board of Directors and it is through these Committees that the Board fulfils a range of functions.

In each of the Catholic Multi Academy Trusts (CMATs) in the Diocese of Nottingham, the following Committees have been established:

  • Catholic Life
  • Curriculum and Standards
  • Audit, Risk and Governance
  • Finance and Estates
  • HR and Staffing
  • Pay and Performance

The Terms of Reference for each of these Committees for our St Ralph Sherwin Catholic Multi Academy Trust are published on our Trust website.

The Directors are appointed to sit on the Committees as noted in the table below:

CommitteeChairCommittee Members
Audit, Risk & GovernancePeter BarnesDeacon Richard Walsh, Charles Archer, Jacqueline Rodden, Martin O’Dowd
Curriculum & StandardsJacqueline RoddenSarah Noon, Charles Archer
Catholic LifeDeacon Richard WalshCharles Archer, Peter Barnes, Vickie Stevens
Finance & EstatesDeacon Richard WalshPeter Barnes, Vickie Stevens, Martin O’Dowd
HR, Staffing, Pay & PerformanceVickie StevensSarah Noon, Jacqueline Rodden

The Terms of Reference for the Trust Board and Committees can be found here: