More than 200 messages and images of positivity from pupils are part of a new Kindness Path that has been installed at St Anne’s Catholic Voluntary Academy in Buxton.

During anti-bullying week the school asked all 220 children to decorate a stone with either a positive message or image.

The stones have now been cemented into a path which leads from the school entrance to the front door and can be seen by pupils, parents and staff as they make their way into school.

Julia Wiggins, Headteacher at St Anne’s, said: “The Kindness Path is a very visual way to welcome everyone to our school, whether they be pupils, parents or visitors. It’s wonderful to look at or read the messages on the stones and is a permanent reminder of the positive attributes our children learn at St Anne’s, both now and as they journey through life.”

Stephanie Clarke, Assistant Headteacher at St Anne’s, said that everyone was thrilled with the new Kindness Path.

She said: “One of the themes of anti-bullying week was around being positive and showing kindness. Stones were donated by parents and our Friends of St Anne’s group and we asked every child to decorate one with a picture or a positive affirmation.

“We’ve had to wait for the weather to get better before we were able to have the stones cemented into the path. It was lovely to have it in place during the week that pupils sat their SATs tests as that was a nice way to welcome children into school, it helped them to feel a bit calmer. We think the path looks great and it’s a nice way to welcome everyone to our wonderful school.”

Hattie, five, said: “It’s important to be kind and everyone at St Anne’s is kind to each other. I saw the path and I think it looks nice.”

Archie, nine, said: “My pebble had a sunset theme. I think we should always show love because the world needs more love. I like the path because it reminds me of what St Anne’s represents.”

Ten-year-old Darcie said: “I put the words stay kind on my pebble. The path is really nice. It was good to see the path when we were doing our SATs tests. We were reading the messages on the pebbles as we walked into school.”

Lily, 11, said: “I put the word positivity on my pebble because a positive attitude changes everything. It brightens up my day when I walk past the path.”