Stronger Together at SRSCMAT

Following on from the huge success of the Stronger Together performance last year at Derby Theatre, the overwhelming feedback from staff and students in schools was “ Can we do it again next year, but to an audience?!” And here we are 12 months later with an even more ambitious project!

In partnership with Derby Theatre and our new partner Buxton Opera House we have created our very first St Ralph Sherwin original musical.

The musical has been written by Simon Marshal and Rukus, from Baby People, and co-created by over 50 students from our Trust secondary schools. The students have been involved in the creative process from the start and their ideas, thoughts, feelings and words have been used to create the scripts, characters, music and lyrics.

The musical focuses on the importance of having faith in yourself and explores the idea that your destiny isn’t written in the stars but is within you.

Once the script and songs were completed, artists were hired and timetabled to visit the schools to direct sections of the script, music and movement in preparation for the final performance. The schools in the south of our Trust performed at Derby Theatre to a packed audience. The schools in the north of our Trust will perform in September.

Following on from the difficulties of the past few years, it is wonderful to be able to unite in our local theatres as a Trust and with our wider community of parents and friends – and create a piece of history as possibly one of the first Trust’s to create its own original musical! Who knows, this time next year we may be on Broadway or picking up an Olivier award!

Anna West

Trust Performing Arts Lead