Our Pupil Parliament is an ideal opportunity for pupils across the Trust to be actively involved in the way that their schools and the Trust is run – their actions can impact on more than 7,000 of their peers.

Initially, the Pupil Parliament was made up of different sub-committees. Each of these committees was designed to have a specific focus on improving the pupil experience across the Trust, increasing pupil engagement, making improvements in schools and the Trust and having an impact on school communities and potentially the wider community. Sub-committees were based on the following themes: pupil community, fundraising, sustainability, inclusivity and local community.

Each school in our Trust was asked to elect two pupil representatives who attend our meetings with a member of staff. During the last academic year, three meetings were held and pupils worked on ideas based on the sub-committee that they were part of. One of the ideas was to encourage all schools to run second hand uniform shops and we are seeing lots of our schools operating across our Trust now.

In September our Pupil Parliament met for the first time with our new CEO Kevin Gritton. Mr Gritton has worked on our new Mission, Vision and Virtues with our Pupil Parliament and these will be launched soon. We have more, exciting plans for our Pupil Parliament and we are looking forward to seeing how our brilliant young people support us to shape the future of our Trust.